Peter Vermandere - Jakob Bengel Stiftung

Back from Bengel (Antwerp)

"The stones and metals at hand take over and guide me in the direction of how they need to be cut, shaped and combined. It’s wonderful when that happens."

- Peter Vermandere

After the presentation in Munich, Peter Vermandere will be presenting his latest works in Galerie Zijsprong in Antwerp.

Gepost op: 29/03/2016

Destination ‘Mandelstein'

I have written about the possibility of getting a “commercialistical” gemstone overdose when you visit Idar-Oberstein. As an antidote I have been searching stones myself. It is some kind of going back to one’s roots: I still feel the same excitement when finding a nice stone as when I did when I was a kid. It didn’t matter whether it was on a trip to Cap-Blanc-Nez or Chaumont-le-Bois. It could just as well happen when I was hammering up the rubble that was left over from my father’s sculptures.

Gepost op: 27/04/2015